Tour de France: Cycling's Greatest Individual Time Trial Explained

Dane Jonas Vingegaard produced arguably the greatest individual time trial in cycling history during the 16th stage of the 2023 Tour de France. The team discuss the numbers, implications and the many questions that such a dominating performance raises. PLUS Carlos Alcaraz's biggest challenge in his tennis career after his Wimbledon victory, Caster Semanya's latest court victory and the recent UCI decision on transgender athletes.


Tom Dumoulin's assessment of Jonas Vingegaard's 16th stage performance

The power profile of elite cyclists. A great paper to understand what the elite guys are doing. If only we could see this for the front of the race on days like yesterday and today! 

A paper on how fatigue affects power output in elite cyclists

A story that talks of the 97 ml/kg/min VO2max of Jonas Vingegaard, as yet unverified

Paper looking at how position on the bike affects speed at the same power output

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