The Science of Fatigue

Mental and muscle fatigue is part of every sporting endeavour. But what is fatigue? What happens in the body when we get tired and is it possible to push beyond our perceived limits?



Caught My Eye:

The case of the cheating fishermen  

The article on the fallout from the apparently botched doping case of Peter Bol.

An article, which includes a video of the documentary exploring the controversies about the exploitation of Paralympic classification: 

A story and video of the Canadian man who broke the women’s masters powerlifting world record, simply by declaring that he is a woman

The Swimming England announcement of their trans policy

Fatigue Discussion

An article that introduced a series of other articles that explored the integrative nature of fatigue

My own review article on how pacing strategy is regulated as part of a homeostatic system

The research study that used fentanyl to block sensory feedback, which totally messed up pacing and caused more peripheral fatigue than in a regulated system

Another Amann study, this one using hypoxia and hyperoxia to influence muscle recruitment and pacing strategy while defending against peripheral fatigue

The Les Ansley paper we mentioned where shorter (4km) trials caused more peripheral fatigue, and longer (20km and 40km) trials caused more central fatigue

A paper on how neurotransmitters in the brain affect fatigue and performance

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