The Real Science of Barefoot and Minimalist Running

Christopher McDougal's latest book, Born To Run 2, revisits the barefoot and minimalist movement that upended the world of running over a decade ago when he published his first book Born To Run in 2009. But what does the latest research say and is running barefoot the key to running nirvana?


Sean Ingle’s report after UK Athletics announced a “non-policy” recognition of the trans women issue and were corrected by EHRC: 

The statement by the Equality and Human Rights commission

The Peter Bol doping story, as submitted by Patron Joshua Stacey

The Connor Benn doping clearance story, with much to be discussed and determined

The WADA study on clomiphene in eggs:

The twitter thread that speculates about the use of biomechanics as a way to identify a doper

The article that is skeptical about barefoot running

Study on stiffness of tendons in cushioned vs minimalist runners

One of the reviews showing no injury risk difference between shod and barefoot runners

Study showing successful transition to barefoot running in 71% of runners with a 20 week transition programme

Nic Tam’s study on individual responses to barefoot running

Nic’s second paper on how individuals respond to a barefoot running programme

Nic’s third paper on the effect of fatigue on biomechanics when barefoot vs shod

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