The Most Fascinating Explanation of Rugby Laws You'll Hear This Year / Berlin Marathon Record: Human Excellence or Shoe Tech Mastery

Keith Lewis is the Laws Co-ordinator at World Rugby and Founder of and is at the fulcrum of many of the law changes in the world of rugby union. The team scrum down to discuss how the laws have changed the game over the years, how to manage the balance between player safety and spectator entertainment and how new laws are introduced into the game. PLUS Ethiopia’s Tigst Assefa established a new women's world marathon record at the Berlin Marathon. But how much of a factor is the shoe tech and how do we measure the athletic performance?


The article we discussed in the context of how running shoes have undermined all trust in the human contribution to running records, by Knopp

The comparison between different shoes, showing large differences within the same runner in different shoes, and between shoes

The paper that Jordan Santos-Concejero commented on, showing that reducing shoe mass makes a difference to running economy

The link between running economy and performance

Guest Keith Lewis’ details:


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