The Art and Science of the Perfect Penalty

British football journalist Ben Lyttleton literally wrote the book on football penalties. As the author of 'Twelve Yards: The Art and Psychology of the Perfect Penalty' and 'Edge: What Business Can Learn From Football', Lyttleton is arguably the world's leading authority on the subject. His encyclopedia-like and passionate knowledge of both the game of football and the controversial penalty, make this one of the most entertaining podcasts we have done yet.


Caught My Eye

The obituary of anti-doping pioneer Werner Franke:

Main Interview

The Twitter handle of our guest Ben Lyttleton: @benlyt, or

Ben’s website, Twelve Yards:

Article on where to aim, high or low:

Fascinating article with video on Neymar’s now illegal stop-start method, and his adjustments:

The curse of the superstar - why stars miss more penalties:

The study on English players’ failure in shootouts that kicked off this interview:

Emotional contagion paper, and how player celebrations affect shootout results:

The most famous penalty miss ever?

The original panenka:

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