Should Sport Be Non-Competitive In Schools?

Over the past few years English schools have begun to introduce non-competitive sport in an effort to be more inclusive. But is that the right strategy when it comes to producing future champions and developing a 'winning' mentality? The team take an in-depth look into the evidence surrounding the debate and examples of countries that have already rolled out similar plans.

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PLUS RED-S in male athletes / Bicarb in endurance sport / shinty drug testing / Remembering Dick Fosbury, the inventor of modern high jumping.


Caught My Eye Segment

Jake Smith’s Instagram post about his RED-S

The 1984 study on bicarbonate as a performance enhancer

A 1993 meta-analysis on bicarbonate

A 2022 systematic review on bicarb and performance

A recent article that contains some of Maurten’s promises and promotions

Primoz Roglic’s glowing endorsement of bicarb. “With 600W it always hurts, huh?"

The BBC piece on Shinty’s drug testing plans

David Epstein’s article on Dick Fosbury

Main Segment

Article on how early specialisation and training rather than fun increases injury risk

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