How To Breathe Better!

The team speak to cardiopulmonary physiotherapist Samantha Holtzhausen about the role of effective breathing in life and exercise. Holtzhausen explains why good breathing can aid performance, reduce illness and even make you happier, and then gives some practical advice on how to improve your breathing.


Caught My Eye Topic:

A paper that describes the second wind in patients with McArdle’s disease, who can’t break down glycogen:'s%20disease%20(McA,a%20few%20minutes%20of%20exercise.

Another more recent study on McArdle Disease, including the case that was described on the show, whose HR and effort levels both drop when the oxidative fuel supply kick in:

On Breathing For Exercise

Website on the concepts discussed on show:

Samantha Holtshauzen on Instagram: @samanthaholtz, @nhhpulmonaryrehab

Her practice on Facebook: NHH Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Practice website:

Articles on the breathing issues discussed:

Breathing pattern disorders and physiotherapy:

Breathing chemistry and carbon dioxide:

Respiratory health in susceptible athletes:

Managing respiratory problems in athletic individuals:

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