Bonus episode: It is time to choose: How a new transgender guidance policy shifts the conversation and demands difficult decisions

The UK Sports Councils have released guidelines on transgender participation in sport, following an exhaustive and comprehensive review process. The two key points made are: 1) to confirm that the current policy that suppresses testosterone for twelve months is not fit for purpose, because advantages are retained even after testosterone is reduced, and 2) that "categorization by sex is lawful" (it also states that this categorization remains the most useful and functional division relative to sporting performance.

The implications of those two statements alone are profound, and they effectively mandate the sports to make a choice between three options, also offered in the guidelines. In this bonus episode, Ross explains what they are, what this all means, and perhaps most importantly, discusses revelations from the report about fear and anxiety from those who don't believe in inclusion and fairness, and how they've been threatened into silence or compliance on this issue. That should be alarming, but the presence of this report should be encouraging. What happens next? Nobody knows, but this podcast has you covered for where we are now.

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