Bonus episode: Facts and fallacies in the trans athlete debate, a conversation with Dr Emma Hilton

In this bonus episode, Ross sits down with Dr Emma Hilton, a developmental biologist who has outspokenly defended women's sport and explained the science and physiology of male vs female sporting performance differences. In a candid conversation, she shares insights ranging from political to philosophical, both personal and scientific. Why is the recent IOC Framework such a failure of leadership and setback for women? What do we make of trans men in men's sport? How should sports respond to sex reassignment during childhood? What are the most compelling arguments for and against inclusion, and how should fallacies like the length of Michael Phelps' arms steer our thinking about fairness in sport, and the need to protect the women's sporting category? All these questions, and more, answered in this wide ranging interview, which was initially broadcast live on Twitter Spaces on 25 November.

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