Bonus episode: Brief thoughts on the Lia Thomas transgender controversy, and a year end salute

In this bonus episode, Ross shares brief thoughts on the latest, inevitable and increasingly volatile controversy in the transgender athlete debate. Swimmer Lia Thomas has been shattering university records, setting the fastest times in the USA, and is well on the way to becoming the highest profile trans women athlete to date. Her times as Lia are within sight not only of legends of US women's swimming, but also very close to what she swam as Will Thomas, prior to a period of suppressing testosterone to become eligible for women's sport. This confirms what science has shown, that biological and performance advantages of males cannot be undone by a period of testosterone suppression. What next? Ross shares some insights, explaining how Thomas is the result of a system that has failed women from the top, how women are now being told to hold their thoughts, science be damned, and why the argument about winning and being unbeatable is spurious, and how Thomas refutes an old and incorrect rebuttal saying "if there is an advantage, where are all the medalists?". Also, a 2021 Christmas wish, and thanks for listening to the podcast in 2021.

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