Amanda Knox, was a Seattle-born study-abroad student who spent almost four years in Italian prison for the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher. The Netflix documentary, Amanda Knox, chronicles the murder trial and the surrounding media circus, which began from the moment Kercher's body was discovered in November 2007. After her arrest and conviction, Knox was vilified in the media for unmistakably gendered reasons – reports focused on her appearance and promiscuity, her "angelic" face as some kind of contrast to her supposedly over-active sex life. Knox was freed in 2011 following a successful appeal, re-convicted in 2014, then definitively acquitted by Italy's Supreme Court.


Travis Hollman is married to Stephanie Hollman from Real Housewives of Dallas. Travis talks about finding out that his childhood babysitter was the Oregon-based serial killer named Randall Woodfield, also called the I-5 killer, who has been linked to the murders of 18 people.



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