Aesthetically-pleasing donuts, Apprentice fails and Hannah of RHOC

Today Jamie East’s taking on The Apprentice and Real Housewives of Cheshire. 

He’s joined by Frank, the deep fat-fryer loser from the Apprentice this week. Jamie starts their chat with a gentle insult, which allows us to discover how Frank doesn’t think he’s a flake after all. Indeed he shows himself to be more of a Snickers man; a little nutty but very much there. They have a complex chat about frying donuts, but still not being sweet enough for Lord Sugar.

Would you pay six quid for a nicely-flavoured, aesthetically pleasing donut? Surely this is the big question. Jamie’s in the uniform glaze camp, but Frank still sticks out for filling his bun with spicy sauce. Frank shares his thoughts on arguing with Lord Sugar in the boardroom.

He gets on a little better with Dentist Hannah Miraftab off of the Real Housewives of Cheshire who’s looking forward to being p***ed in Palma. She explains how she’s finding the exciting new world of TV. She tells Jamie how Series 8 is freshening up with young blood and balancing happy go lucky types with rollercoaster drama!

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