EXCLUSIVE - Ashley James opens up about Ginuwine

Today reality TV alumna Ashley James pops into the studio to talk Sally's bunions, tearful Dan and everything CBBUK

Ashley’s featured in Made in Chelsea, had a whirlwind romance in Celeb Big Brother and has mates about to hit the dancefloor for Strictly this Saturday. Can you get any more reality TV than this?


Ashley’s sunny nature means she had the time of her life in the Big Brother house, so for a change we’re being quite nice about the contestants. She reveals that Ginuwine still messages her every day but explains why she still can’t forgive “The original batchelor”.

Ashley re-lives the Bridget Jones moment when she caught Ginuwine red handed with another lover.

She tells us how she walked into the hotel with an armful of red roses, only to have the door shut on her face.

“The look on his face I’ll never forget when he saw it was me"

After that bombshell Ash explains why thinks Hardeep’s insult sandwiches make him the Anne Widdecombe of this series of CBBUK and Jamie quizzes her on the ins and outs of reality TV: what’s real, what’s not and how much does your real life feed into constructed storylines? We find out what it's like having your relationships, break-ups and exploits in the public eye.


Ahead of the return of Strictly, Ash is getting behind fellow DJ Vick Hope, and pal Ashley Roberts as we look forward to the kickoff show this Saturday.


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