The Voice of Big Brother with Marcus Bentley and Matt Richardson

Holy moly! Chloe’s gone, Bake Off is on, what else is cooking in the reality TV oven?

Jamie’s joined by fellow Big Brother alumni Matt Richardson as well as Marcus Bentley:

The voice of Big Brother takes us through his average day, admits he has no idea how many episodes he’s narrated and how Endemol made him a box in the garden to save him the commute.

They’ll cover the Stormy saga, fish for gossip and ponder what’s in it for the celebs before rolling up their sleeves for some sweet and melty predictions.

Issues discussed include the lack of air con in the Bakeoff tent, pies over politics and how sugar will save our souls.

Jamie’s word of the day: “Fuckingamazingbrandysnappicassoslashmagicdolphinpictures"

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