Talulah-Eve on #CBBUK, baking and influencer life

Ahead of London Fashion Week, model Talulah-Eve joins Jamie to talk about her new reality TV show.

She opens up about her ‘bitch’ persona on Britain’s Next Top Model and explains how constructed reality can be a bit like acting.

“I just don’t want to be one of those stars that ends up ruining my career"

Talulah’s turned down Celeb Big Brother before because she doesn’t think she can keep the facade up for 24 hours of footage, but she’s got her sights (and her dancing shoes) set on Strictly instead!

They chat about Ryan’s #CBBUK triumph and how playing it safe is the way to a place in the Big Brother final. Talulah shares her opinion on Roxanne’s options after her mis-step in the house and how the show continues to make big stories year after year.

The countdown is on to civilian Big Brother this Friday!

What do we know? Jamie’s been digging around amongst the rumours to bring us some tips, whilst Talulah’s UK geography gets put through its paces. Talulah’s keeping her fingers crossed for a sexy series with the latest crop of civilians. She calls on her intuition to predict a graphic designer will be this year's winner, whereas Jamie picks a Welsh consultant on that description alone.

Talk turns to Bake-Off, banana bread, naan nonsense and whether or not you can make bread exciting, but Talulah’s well on the side of sweeter treats.

They wrap up with a chat about the world of influencing, which isn’t all about trying on clothes and taking gorgeous photos… OK well maybe it is.

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