Ben Jardine spills the beans and we go inside the Circle

This week on Reality Check we go behind the scenes of this year’s Celeb Big Brother with Ben Jardine. Fresh from the house Ben shares his views on what really happened. They discuss the confusion of the Roxy-Ryan debate and how it felt to be in the house as a media storm raged outside. Jamie also catches up with journalist Helen Rumbelow who had the chance to sample The Circle before it launched.

Ben Jardine spills the beans

Ben opens up about falling for Roxanne Pallet what happened between him and Roxanne Pallett, and how he looked into her eyes and saw the same lost soul looking back. But what happened with Ben’s previous relationship? He spill the beans on his last relationship, shotgun TV marriage and what he was searching for when he went in the house.

“I need to get myself to Specsavers. That’s what I’m learning”

But has he been in touch with Roxanne?

Jamie quizzes Ben on the psychological care given to the celebrities by Big Brother after the event and the strangeness of the CBB experience and Ben shares his plans for the future which includes a documentary about life events and a trip to LA to work with new pal Kirstie Alley.

Helen Rumbelow infiltrates The Circle

Times journalist @helenrumbelow joins Jame on the line to talk about joining the circle to write an article. She finds out how she ended up playing the game and her sneery cynicism turned to fascination after an hour of intense psycho-drama!

It turns out her plan to play a "Frisky Nordic Kitten” turned into an Andrea Leadsom lookalike in the mind-bending, identity-challenging remote connections game. Helen also finds it unmissable in a sociological manner, particularly the way the men behave!

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