Celeb Antiques and the Heist ft Jordan Banjo

“Mate, I thought I was going to be rubbish and you know what? I was.”

Jordan Banjo on Celebrity Antiques Road Trip

In today’s episode Jamie pays tribute to Big Brother, may it rest in peace… at least for a couple of years anyway.

Today’s guest is dancer Jordan Banjo about his forthcoming shows, "The Greatest Dancer” where captains face the tall order of making dreams and breaking dreams.

They also get onto the glorious mashup concept of “Celebrity Antiques Road Trip” which is on BBC2 Wednesday nights at 7pm.

They talk about the state of reality TV today, moan about the lure of the game Fortnite... and Jordan tells Jamie what it’s like having Ashley Banjo as the good-looking older brother who’s really good at everything. He also reveals his mum is his manager and his sister-in-law is his brother’s assistant so there are some high standards to live up to in that family!

Jamie’s also joined by former Detective Superintendent Ray Howard and former Detective Chief Superintendent Sue Hill. Don’t worry, he’s not got himself into trouble again. They’re on to talk about brand new cops and robbers show The Heist, which starts this week on Sky One. It’s an addictive 6 episode series where couples are challenged to steal 0.25 million cash and have to evade the best cops in town to keep the cash!

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