Listeners Q&A with Mitch and Mark

We’ve had lots of questions come in from listeners, so this week we share our thoughts and experience with flipping properties and answer three of our most frequently asked questions.

•   Can you make money flipping….well, yes…and no….? We share our approach to the property flipping ‘business’. What do we consider when approaching a project, and what is ‘manufactured growth’? From our perspective, you make your money when you buy your flip-project, not when you sell!

•   Mitch often talks about ‘reducing the apologies’ in a property. We’re asked what that actually means, and how do you do it. We share a couple of examples of how an ‘apology’ in a property we bought, became an opportunity to create added value where other potential buyers couldn’t see it.

o   Our Tamarama Flip

o  Our Woolloomooloo Flip

Keeping to budget in any renovation is tough. Are there tricks to keeping on budget? We share some of our approaches to managing a budget while property flipping, and options for saving money along the way.

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