Gender Fluid Fashion,Harry Styles inspiration and More

Gender Fluid Fashion….What a crazy world!This week Mitch launched his new range of fashion at Mitch and Mark HOME, and we talk about the whole influence of gender fluidity on fashion, and what does that mean? Harry Styles does it, Christian Wilkins does it….but can anyone play with gender fluid fashion? And, we’re in an election. What does this mean for property owners, people who want to buy and people who are renting. There’s talk of interest rate hikes, and now pressure in the rental market. What are the candidates saying, if anything, about property. The Block 2022 got started, and for one couple came to an abrupt end. The Block never fails to deliver twists and turns…what next?We wrap up Season 1 of Reality Reno with mitch and mark, and will be taking a short break, but stay tuned for our ‘living next door to Alice’ updates on property and will our portrait make the final of the Archibald Prize! The incredible artist Caroline Zilinsky captured us on canvas, but will her skill see her portrait short listed…and what is the Block connection to The Archibald? Stay Tuned!We’ll be back from 1st June with plenty of new guests and lots to talk about renovations and property….
Delighted to have you on this journey with us.Mitch and Mark.Check out our socials :@mitchandmark @mitchandmarkhome @realityrenowithmitchandmark@FacebookWe also have a range of homewares to help you to transform where you live into a fabulous space.Have a look here. Reality Reno is produced by Jake Taylor

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