Tadhg and Derry Fleming : Family Values

Topics covered : Fame, trolling, overwhelm, mental health, faith, spirituality, pregnancy announcement, joy, self-care. 

Last Friday in Galway, I sat down with dynamic duo Tadhg and Derry Fleming and had this wonderfully open conversation.

Tadhg and his Dad, Derry are part of the Fleming family that we know and love from Kerry, who shot to fame when a bat flew into the family home 6 years ago and the video went viral.

Mother Maureen and sisters Sadhbh and Maryanne, along with Tadhg’s wife Alannah and their much-loved dogs complete the extended Fleming family…for now!

Tadhg is open and grounded and 2023 was a big year for him as he and Alannah married in May, but next year will be an even bigger year as they’ll become parents.

Derry works in the credit union and is a deep soul, who wears his heart on his sleeve and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the whole family and they are the real deal.

In this conversation we get a much better sense of who they really are, what matters to them, how important faith is in their lives and simply put ,what genuine, gorgeous people they are.

They don't do many podcasts, or interviews for that matter, so I felt incredibly lucky that they said yes to this chat.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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