Sarah Nicole Landry - The Birds Papaya

Topics covered : Body acceptance, shedding shame, diet culture, disordered eating, body image, unlearning, motherhood, loss of identity, blended family, love, responding over reacting, self-talk, respect, bouncing forward, self-worth, stretch marks, regret, healing, empowerment. 

In this episode I speak to the truly wonderful Sarah Nicole Landry. She’s a body acceptance advocate, a speaker, a writer, an occasional model and podcaster and she’s better known online as ‘The Birds Papaya’.

Sarah Nicole is married to Shane and she’s the mother of 4 kids, she has 3 teenagers from her previous marriage and their daughter Lemmie is 2.

She’s one of the most important voices right now on diet culture and body acceptance and her Instagram page alone has 2.3 million followers!

In this conversation she covers a multitude on the topic, so if you want a feel-good episode that will potentially give you goosebumps (as it did for me!) this is the pod for you.

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