Richard Hogan : Home is where the start is

Topics covered : Family dynamics, dyslexia, addiction, alcoholism, inner critic, secrecy, shame, labels, attachment styles, genogram, parenting, healthy boundaries, position in the family, breaking negative patterns, positive and negative family legacies, forgiveness.

In this episode I speak to psychotherapist Richard Hogan about family dynamics.

Originally from Douglas in Cork he lives in Dublin with his wife and their 3 daughters.

He writes a weekly column with the Irish Examiner and often appears on TV and Radio.

He specialises in working with families and he’s just released his second book ‘ Home is where the start is’ and I found this conversation illuminating.

During it he shares elements of his own upbringing with us and gives us plenty of tips on how best to navigate our own family dynamics and ultimately help us to live healthier and more authentic lives. I loved it and I hope you will too.

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