Ray Goggins : Ranger 22

Topics covered : Military training, vulnerability, self-belief, resilience, family life.

Ray Goggins served in the Irish Army for 26 years, including 17 years in the Army Ranger Wing and now he spends a lot of his time working with corporate teams in his role as director of training and leadership company ‘Coreskills’.

Originally from Cork, he lives in Kildare with his wife Sinéad and their two kids, Dan who's 13 and Louisa who's 10.

In this conversation we talk about his book ‘Ranger 22’ and the recent success of hit TV show ‘Special Forces -Ultimate Hell Week’; he also shares the best advice he ever got, and he speaks about the power of staying calm, in any situation.

Book – ‘Ranger 22- Lessons from the Front’ available online and in bookshops now.

Shows – ‘Resilience- conquering your inner demons. An evening with Ray Goggins and Rory O’Connor.

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