PJ Gallagher : Happy out!

Topics covered : Secrecy, shame, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, friendship, recovery, honesty, grief, love, polyamory, fatherhood. 

This week I caught up with comedian and radio presenter PJ Gallagher.

PJ lives in Clontarf in Dublin with his partner Kelly and their 12-week-old twins Milo and Stevie.

He presents the breakfast show on Nova with his friend Jim McCabe, he’s also currently working on a documentary for RTÉ and his book ‘Mad House – The naked truth about my chaotic childhood, losing my mind and finding a place to call home’ is out now and it’s a brilliant read.

We spoke back in the summer of 2021; and it was a chat that really resonated with listeners. (You can scroll back and listen if you’d like)

So this conversation picks up where we left off the last time, he speaks about his 3 month stay in St. Patricks Mental Health services, meeting his now partner Kelly, fatherhood, polyamory and knowing what works for his mental wellbeing.

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