Natalie Lue : The Joy Of Saying No

Topics covered : Gut instinct, emotional unavailability, people pleasing, boundaries, toxic relationships, fear, conditioning, perimenopause, health concerns, parenting, breaking the cycle of dysfunction.

In this episode I speak to author and relationship expert, Natalie Lue.

She lives in Surrey with her husband Emmon and teenage daughters, Saria (16) and Nia (14) and I’ve been a fan of her work for many years now.

When she was 10 she came to live in Ireland and when she was 23 she moved to London to go to University and she has lived there since.

We sat down in the summer, and she spoke about her upbringing and breaking up with her mother, yes you heard that right! And she also spoke about her book ‘ The Joy of Saying No’ which is a fantastic read. 

And I started the conversation by asking her about her brilliant blog ‘Baggage reclaim’ which covers topics like emotional unavailability, people pleasing and boundaries.

Her book : ‘The Joy Of Saying No’

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