Najwa Zebian : Trust your Heart (re-release)

Topics covered : her childhood, the power of journaling, self-worth, being wronged, sitting with pain, authenticity, gaslighting, boundaries, growth, inner child, healing.  

Over the Christmas break, I’m re-releasing some powerful episodes from 2023 and in February, I spoke to Lebanese-Canadian author, poet, speaker, activist and educator, the incredible Najwa Zebian.

Najwa being a guest on ‘Ready to be Real’ is a dream come true for me as she is someone I have long admired.

She grew up in a conservative Muslim household and writing helped her process and heal from past pain.

Her voice is incredibly soothing, and she has a wonderful way of simplifying complex topics.

And in this conversation she speaks about being ‘wronged’ and how best to manage it, self-worth and sitting with your pain, gaslighting, the importance of boundaries and how to heal.

And at the end of the conversation, I ask her a question that has a profound impact on both of us.

You can find Najwa’s latest book ‘Trust Your Heart’ online and in audio form on her website Najwa Zebian | Author. Speaker. Creator | Author. Speaker. Creator

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