Lynsey Bennett : Trust your gut

Topics covered : Cancer, smear tests, holistic treatments, medical procedures, trauma, therapy, grief, healing, belief, trusting your gut instinct, health.

In this episode I speak to the inspirational Lynsey Bennett.

She lives in Longford with her daughters Zoë who’s 13 and Hailee who’s 8 and in 2019 she found out she was one of the women caught up in the cervical check scandal brought to public attention by Vicky Phelan.

In this conversation, we talk about the powerful bond she had and still has with her mother Lesley, undergoing a hysterectomy at just 28, dealing with a terminal diagnosis and arranging her own funeral and trusting her gut instinct.

She’s been getting alternative cancer treatment in Mexico and Germany over the past year and a half to help strengthen her immune system and support her mindset; and thankfully, it’s yielding good results so far despite being told a few years ago, that she probably wouldn’t live this long.

I was honoured to meet her and have this conversation.

Book mention : ‘Radical Remission, surviving cancer against all odds’ by Kelly A. Turner

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