Loretta Kennedy : Money coaching

Topics covered : Money scripts - avoidance, vigilance, status seeker, worshipper; scarcity, self-sabotage, ancestral trauma, financial infidelity, secret spending, sales, marketing, dopamine, advice.

In my first episode of 2024, I speak to Loretta Kennedy about money.

She's an accredited trauma informed money coach with a background in business, psychology and counselling. 

Originally from Mayo, Loretta lives in Cork with Ruairí, her soon to be husband, and partner of 20 years and their 3 daughters.

And in this conversation she covers a multitude, from the different types of money scripts that we operate from and our behaviour around money, what happens to us when we spend, money issues in relationships and she also shares practical tips on how best to approach our finances.

Resources :

The Century of the Self: The rise of consumerism


Book mention - Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker

Money Script quiz:


If you are in financial difficulty:


To contact Loretta https://loretta-kennedy.com/


Free masterclass she is running: Prosperity & Purpose Jan 18th


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