Laura de Barra : Gaff Goddess

Topics covered : Fast fashion & interiors, trends, style, individuality, empowerment, creativity and lots of practical tips to make the most of your home.

Originally from Cork, Laura de Barra is a property portfolio developer who lives in London, with her fiancé.

She’s just released her second book ‘Décor Galore’ and like her first one ‘Gaff Goddess’, it’s full of inspiration and practical tips on making the most of your home.

In this episode she talks about her background in fashion, her top tips to living well and she also answers a load of questions that were sent in Instagram too.

It’s a really insightful and fun conversation that I absolutely loved, and I hope you do too.

Laura’s books – ‘Gaff Goddess’ and ‘Décor Galore’ are available online and in bookshops now.

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