Kitty Maguire : Menstrual mentor

Topics covered : Grief, trauma, legacy, divine timing, signs, menstruality, spirituality, shedding shame, woman wound, trauma resolution, healing, honouring the stages of life, power of retreat.

In this episode I speak to menstrual mentor Kitty Maguire.

Kitty lives in Dublin with her partner Sam, her two nephews, their dog Winnie Wagtail & Bertie the cat.

She has pioneered menstruality work in Ireland for almost 10 years, providing therapeutic sessions, rituals and circles for women, girls and people who want to nurture a healthier embodied connection to their womb and cycles.

She has held space for thousands of people through the years. Through her comprehensive training Red Alchemy, online or in schools she shares the wisdom of the cycle through the spirit, science and sacredness of menstruality and Irish spirituality.  

And she recently featured in Richie Sadlier’s brilliant documentary, ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ on RTÉ.

Her Mother, playwright Jo Egan, was a highly respected and influential figure in the Northern Ireland arts scene. And last Christmas, she died, which came as a huge shock to all who knew and loved her.

At the time of her death, she had a project in development with the Abbey theatre in Dublin.

And during our conversation Kitty speaks about her Mam and shares how she’s been navigating life since her passing. She also speaks about her own work, the importance of healing and she gives us an overview of the menstrual cycle.

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