Kate O'Dwyer : Visibility and why it's important

Topics covered : Imposter syndrome, vulnerability, shedding shame, triggers, self-sabotage, apologising, blocks, boundaries, self-worth, ADHD, conditioning, reclaiming.  

In this episode I speak to body-based visibility and business coach, Kate O’Dwyer.

She lives in Dublin with her partner Jim and their 1.5 year old son, Ned.

She's been the senior guest booker on The Tommy Tiernan Show on RTE for the past 7 seasons and her passion is in supporting women to step into their fullest self-expression so that they can share their work, their words, and their wisdom.

She believes that our visibility can heal and embolden each other to build the world we all want to live in.

And in this conversation she shares her own experience with us, she speaks about visibility blocks and what they might look like and shows us how to step into our power.

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