Gillian Hussey : Trailblazer

Topics covered : Self-worth, the legal system in Ireland, rehabilitation.

In this episode I speak to one of Ireland’s first female judges; Gillian Hussey.

When she started out little did she know that she would deal with some of the most notorious criminals in Ireland, the likes of the Kinahans, the Cahills, ‘The Monk’ and John Gilligan.

In this conversation she gives us an insight into her courtroom, her reflections on the legal system in Ireland and the importance she places on rehabilitation.

We also talk about the relationship she had with her father and how she struggled with feeling worthy, especially early in her career.

Unsurprisingly, she made a big impression on viewers when she appeared on The Tommy Tiernan show last year on RTÉ and having a number of mutual friends, I always knew she’d be a wonderful guest for Ready to be Real.

Book :

’Lessons from the bench – reflections on a career spent in Ireland’s criminal courts’ and it’s out now.

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