Gerry Hussey : Emotions, forgiveness and change

Topics covered : Human emotions, family dynamics, emotional triggers, trauma, expectation, spirituality, parenthood, attachment, regulating emotions, the importance of repair, change, evolving, current situation in Gaza, shame, guilt, forgiveness.

Gerry Hussey otherwise known as 'The Soul Coach' is a performance psychologist who has been working in the fields of health and performance for almost twenty years.

He and his wife Miriam are the founders of wellness platform ‘Soul Space’ and along with their son Eli who’s 3.5 and their daughter Bethany who recently turned 1, they split their time between Ireland and Portugal and they’re simply wonderful people.

We spoke in Galway on the 1st of November, the day his latest book ‘The Freedom Within’ was released.

During our conversation, he delves into family dynamics and emotional triggers, parenthood and the importance of repair, the current situation in Palestine and the power of forgiveness.

It’s a thought provoking and comforting episode but make sure you’re aware of the content before you listen.

Gerry’s show ‘The Freedom Within’ is happening this Sunday the 12th of November in the National Concert Hall in Dublin and there may be a few tickets still left.

Click on the link to find out…

The Freedom Within | NCH | Live Music & Events | National Concert Hall

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