Gelong Thubten : The power of choice

Topics covered : Mindful awareness, meditation, reframing distractions, depression, anxiety, long covid, recovery, technology, smart phones, overcoming suffering, spiritual growth, personal development, reflection, wisdom.

In this episode I speak to Buddhist monk, the wonderful Gelong Thubten.

Gelong is a title meaning monk and Thubten is hugely respected for his work in the area of spiritual growth and personal development.

His first book ‘A Monks Guide to Happiness’  was a global bestseller and his latest book has just been released ‘Handbook for Hard Times: A monk's guide to fearless living.’

In this conversation we learn about his path to becoming a monk, he speaks about the importance of relishing micro moments in our day, reframing distractions when meditating and he also guides us through a wonderful mindful practice towards the end of the chat too.

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