Brian Pennie : Bonus Time

Trigger Warning : references to drug use, addiction, childhood trauma, anxiety, alcoholism.Brian Pennie is a Neuroscience lecturer at Trinity College & UCD, a PHD student, radio presenter and author and he’s one of the most impressive people I’ve ever met.On the 8th of October 2013, Brian experienced his first day clean after 15 years of chronic heroin addiction and since that day he has radically turned his life around.Now at 42, life is good. This year he released his compelling memoir ‘Bonus Time’ and he also found love for the very first time.During our chat he talks about feeling anxious from an early age, his upbringing and his heroin addiction, but we also talk about what he has learned through years of study and self-reflection; we talk about the power of self-talk, the importance of routine, gratitude, mindfulness and most of all…connection. If you’re interested in joining any of Brian’s brilliant online courses, simply go to his website and you can follow him on Instagram if you, or someone you know is struggling right now, please know that there is help available.Pieta provides free therapy to those engaging in self-harm, with suicidal ideation, or bereaved by suicide.Freephone 1800 247 247Text Help to 51444 you can contact a SamaritanFreephone 116 123or email jo@samaritans.ie episode of Ready to Be Real Conversations was brought to you in partnership with with Dr. Coy’s, who offer tasty nutritional chocolate and a range of free-from cooking ingredients.And to celebrate our partnership they’re offering 25% off their entire range of nutritional products.Simply go to their website, and use the code Sile25. And if you enjoyed our conversation, please show your support of the podcast by clicking follow, giving a rating and leaving a little comment, thanks a million.

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