Anna Hosty : My body, my choice

Topics covered : Fertility, IVF, love, abnormalities, law in Ireland, disappointment, dilemma, termination, impact of covid restrictions, grief, loss, trauma, compassion, support, healing, acceptance. 

In this episode I speak to salon owner and entrepreneur Anna Hosty.

Anna is married to Dave and they live in Galway with their daughter Henrietta who is 6 next month and their dog Ozzie.

She’s also the co-owner of hairdressing group ‘Yourells’ and co-founder of the hair supplement for Mums called ‘The Hair Vitamin Company’.

And as you’ll hear at the beginning of our chat, I have known Anna for a long time but what I didn’t know until recently was what she had been through personally.

In this conversation she shares her experience of fertility and motherhood which includes the IVF process; joy, loss and trauma.

She is a brave and wonderful person and I am so grateful that she trusted me to help her tell her story.

It's an episode that will challenge some of you and I ask you to park your judgement and open your heart and mind to what you’re about to hear as unless you’ve experienced the same, you have no idea how you’d respond.

I am so grateful to Anna for speaking so honestly about her experience and I know it’ll help a lot of you who listen.

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