The Raptors Championship Podcast Hangout With 14 Assorted Guests

Host William Lou is joined on The Raptors Championship Podcast Hangout with a handful of the most important Raptors voices:

  • (2:00) Blake Murphy, Asad Alvi, and Sahal Abdi slander the state of the East, and break down Nick Nurse taking over Canada Basketball
  • (18:15) Vivek Jacob and Zarar Siddiqi discuss the team effort that it took to win the championship, and go into the history of Raptors media
  • (39:30) Vivek Jacob and Seerat Sohi explore what this title run has meant to Raptors fans, and the changing demographics of the fanbase
  • (53:38) Alex Wong and Ashley Docking revisit the euphoria of the championship parade, and tackle Leafs vs. Raptors
  • (1:11:15) Harrison Sanford and Josh Hart go behind the scenes on the float, and try to explain Danny Green's mohawk
  • (1:30:35) Alex Wong and Josh Hart show appreciation for Raptors media
  • (1:37:57) Joseph Casciaro and Joe Wolfond go down memory on the bad old days of Raptors fandom
  • (2:03:18) Kishan Mistry and Amit Mann share war stories from the road


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