FiDE#4 - Fundamental Assumptions

In this episode we focus on the core of our life - the truths we hold true, or other put - the fundamental assumptions we choose to choose. The framing of life in form of world view. Does that framing create opportunities or do we find ourselves as victims of the circumstances?

Most of life we never reflect on how we look at the world, but at greater events in our life - for instance when we marry, when we become parents, when we loose our jobs, when someone close dies, when we get really sick or experience a severe accident, that is when we question ourselves at most. Is the maxim we hold true really true? Or can we choose a new paradigm? And what would that paradigm look like?

Right now, the world is in such an event and synchronized. Assumptions we made as society comes to realisation - they are brought up in the light of our awareness. What is there to learn? What new choices do we want to make? Can the Corona crisis be seen as Corona opportunities? Can there be a crisis at the same time as opportunities are created? What do you choose?


The FiDE broadcast - an exploration of life.

FiDE is the abbreviation for the Foundation for Intentional Decisions. At the same time it means trust in Latin. How would a life, a way of working and a society based on trust look like?

In this series of ten episodes Jens Rinnelt and Stellan Nordahl explore life - what it means, what it implies and how we can look at it, choosing life affirming directions.

If life is what we perceive as life, what then is perception? What informs our perception, or in other words how do we make sense of the world? And can we choose how we look at the world?

In this broadcast we embark on a philosophical and experience-based journey to explore life itself and the fundamental assumptions we hold about it. We look at how we form the worldviews, our perception, that we hold. We explore what happens if we choose to take on a different pair of glasses of how we look at the world.

Adopting a complex, holistic and life-affirming worldview provides us with a practical and applicable ethical model for everyday decision-making on societal, organizational, team and personal level.

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