FiDE#2 - The Tree Metaphor

In this episode of the FiDE broadcast we explore the Tree Metaphor.

Times are changing. Does that imply going back to nature?
Most certainly the Tree Metaphor gives us a complex, holistic and non-linear way of experiencing and describing life in a non-fragmented way. The Tree is always whole, because it does not cut itself off from itself or its environment.

This implies increased focus on congruency between matter and consciousness, between what we say and do, in our culture and structure, and on a personal and collective level in any organization.
In turbulent and changing time we need to find a space of orientation. The paradigm shift from best in the world to best for the world is characterized by two dominant worldviews - one that makes you a victim of circumstances and the other a creator of possibilities.

The predominant western worldview focuses only on what we can see, an outward focus, with linear causality, and based on fear, resulting in a mechanistic worldview. The new paradigm is characterized additionally by things that can't be measured, is inward-focused, with non-linear causality, and based on trust, resulting in a living organism metaphor - the tree.


The FiDE broadcast - an exploration of life.

FiDE is the abbreviation for the Foundation for Intentional Decisions. At the same time it means trust in Latin. How would a life, a way of working and a society based on trust look like?

In this series of ten episodes Jens Rinnelt and Stellan Nordahl explore life - what it means, what it implies and how we can look at it, choosing life affirming directions.

If life is what we perceive as life, what then is perception? What informs our perception, or in other words how do we make sense of the world? And can we choose how we look at the world?

In this broadcast we embark on a philosophical and experience-based journey to explore life itself and the fundamental assumptions we hold about it. We look at how we form the worldviews, our perception, that we hold. We explore what happens if we choose to take on a different pair of glasses of how we look at the world.

Adopting a complex, holistic and life-affirming worldview provides us with a practical and applicable ethical model for everyday decision-making on societal, organizational, team and personal level.

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