S10 EP2: Joe Wilkinson on Gillingham FC

S10 EP2: Joe Wilkinson on Gillingham FC 

This episode we chat to the brilliant comedian Joe Wilkinson about his love of Gillingham FC in the 90's and beyond. Not only a love letter to lower league football and all it entails, but this episode also contains perhaps one of our favourite ever (loosely) football related anecdotes... just why was he running? And where to? Or from? Answers on a postcard....

In other news, on top of extended 'director of football cuts' of the main series episodes, all QK Fan Club members will now also get the episodes a whole WEEK EARLY - that's right, we now release on a Monday for QK Fan Club members and the following Monday for the non fan club listeners!

We've also got the usual Patreon only bonus episodes every month - later this month it's chapter three of the second book in the Steve Bruce / Barnes murder mystery 'Sweeper!' with Ivo Graham. And on top of that a Patreon only QK Film Club deep dive and watch-a-long of the 1997 film 'Fever Pitch' based on Nick Hornby's seminal book of the same name.


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