Iain Dowie: S01E11

There a few 90s football faces more recognisable than our guest this week; a rare breed of clever footballer, the one and only Iain Dowie. On this show, we walk through Iain’s career, navigating the obvious points (Luton’s shirt sponsors) as well as visiting Iain’s former career in missile engineering. Plus, we discuss the notorious night in Stockport when Iain scored one of the greatest own goals ever scored, then broke his leg, all while Florin Răducioiu got some shopping done at Harvey Nicholls with the missus. We also have an update into one of the hottest current topics in 90s football: the rumour surrounding Chris Bart Williams small feet. As well as pondering what might have been if Newcastle United had signed George Weah instead of advertising hoarding hater, Temur Ketsbaia. As always, to get in touch with the show and keep up to date on all the latest news…. Email: hello@quicklykevin.com Twitter: @QuicklyKevin Facebook: Quickly Kevin And don't forget: instagram.com/quicklykevin AND LASTLY! Go on iTunes. Think of the most niche 90s footballer you can. Leave a review which mentions them. We'll read our favourites and the best will make an appearance in the following weeks show. Enjoy the show and we are back next week for episode twelve. Chris, Josh and Michael


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