Tom Parry / 'They Think It's All Rovers' : S03 EP07

Quickly Kevin - S03 EP07 - Tom Parry / 'They Think It's All Rovers'


Our guest this week is comedian, Wolves fan, and friend of the show, Tom Parry.

For his second appearance on the show it’s a trademark ‘Quickly Kevin…’ watch along.

This time round we dissect the unanimous winner of our listener chosen 90’s football documentary recommendation - 'They Think It's All Rover's'.


Be warned, this film, charting Doncaster Rover's abysmal 1997/98 season as they fight against relegation from the football league whilst under the control of nefarious owners, makes the Sunderland 'Premier Passions' documentary look like a feel-good romp.


We also have some ‘Frying with laughter’ updates about the big man himself, and we ponder, for far too long and too often, just exactly who, or WHAT, is spoon molester Uri Geller? And why did he make fleeting appearances at several lower league clubs during the 90's?


Turn on. Tune in. Wenger out.

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