Steve Bull meets Tom Parry: S06 E01

Steve Bull meets Tom Parry: S06 E01

"Quickly Kevin might not be the hero Britain wants, but it's the hero Britain needs...."

Said nobody. Ever. But regardless, we're back!!

The Wolves legend, Mr Steve Bull, pops into the studio to surprise Bully super-fan and friend of the show Tom Parry. It's safe to say this was one of our favourite ever to record. They say never meet your heroes, but there's an exception to every rule and The Tipton Terrier is that exception.

In other news, the mystery surrounding the Steve Bruce / Barnes mysteries rears it head once again....just when I thought I was out...

And we go completely off piste and down a Jeremy Beadle based cul de sac for no reason other than we can. Enjoy.


Chris, Josh and Michael.

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