Nish Kumar - Premier Passions : S01E08

This week comedian Nish Kumar joins us in the ‘Quickly Kevin…’ studio to discuss ‘Premier Passions’, the documentary series following Sunderland and then manager Peter Reid’s retrospectively harrowing attempt to establish the club as a Premier League force in the late 90’s.

A fly on the wall look at how precisely NOT to run a football club, where boardroom level concerns about bathroom fixtures and Terence Conran designed stadium interiors took precedent over signing a striker capable of competing in the highest division. There are, unsurprisingly, more lows than highs, as the aspirations of club, manager and fans slowly turn to dread with the same traumatically inevitable sense of doom one gets from watching Denis Irwin and Brian McClair double teaming David Busst circa 1996.

You can find the episodes we watched here…

It was so brilliantly bleak we only managed to watch two of the five episodes, and given the choice of watching the remaining three or being forced to drown a sack of kittens at gunpoint whilst footage of all England’s penalty misses in the 90’s played on loop in the background, we’d obviously choose to watch the remaining episodes. But only just….

There is also an unbelievable story about 90’s legend and Dube maestro Dion Dublin crossing paths with perennial landfill-indie whipping boys, Toploader.

Efan Ekoku makes an obligatory (blink and you’ll miss it) cameo mention, plus all the usual correspondence, features, and items you’ve come to endure like the squad player nobody is ever excited to see warming up on the side-lines. Yes, that means you, Darren Caskey.

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Enjoy the show and we are back next week for episode nine.

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