Elis James: S01E02

Bobby Gould's tenure as Wales manager in the 90s will go down as one of the most bizarre eras in the history of sport. To relive the horror, this week we're joined by Wales' foremost 90s football expert; comedian and actor Elis James. There's also a discussion about 90s management styles and some cracking feedback from listeners; including one fantastic story about bumping into Colin Cooper on a water slide.

Elis brought his favourite 90s football clips which included this one of Leyton Orient manager John Sitton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYDIMWpcKqI

And this one of then-Huddersfield manager Neil Warnock (note chimney in the middle of dressing room): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=im85NY4NKt4

Meanwhile, in follow up to episode one thank you to Chris Rann for sending us a clip of Ali Dia almost scoring: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=k9vVV8Q9CXc

And also thank you to Oliver Wilson who sent us this story about Derby County:

Last week you discussed shirt sponsorship and Matt Le Tissier mentioned the Southampton once wore a Denmark kit that had been rebadged as Southampton. He also pointed out that Southampton manufactured their own kit for a couple of seasons. A mix of these two scenarios happened at Derby County for the 1994/95 season.  

In 1993/1994 Derby had worn a kit manufactured by 'well known' sportswear firm Bukta. As a big admirer of the strip i was delighted to see the Rams wearing exactly the same shirt at the start of 1994/95, however the Bukta logo had been replaced by the clubs own stab at kit manufacturing 'Rams Pro Wear'. From what i can remember, the Rams Pro Wear logo had literally just been stitched over the top of the Bukta Motif.It only lasted for one season and i am unaware of the reasoning, i'd like to think the owners wanted to manufacture the kit themselves to save money only to give up and just recycle the Bukta shirts.Photo's of the 2 shirts attached for reference. 

Thank you all for listening, if you have any favourite clips of footballers trying their hands at acting, weird rules for childhood football or stories of playing with people that went on to become professional then the place to send them is: hello@quicklykevin.com

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