Ian Pearce: S01E07

Premier League winner Ian Pearce. Jack Walker, the SAS, Stuart Ripley... in the mid-90s Blackburn really was the place to be (if you weren't in Manchester). We met up for a chat with one of the stars of their title-winning side Ian Pearce and found out who from that team he still had in his phone, why there was a car park behind the goal at Stamford Bridge and if David Batty has gone off the grid. Plus there is huge excitement as we open an untouched packet of 1995 Merlin stickers we have been sent, and get asked the big question... does Chris Bart-Williams have small feet? If you have any information that would help us clear this up please get in touch... Email: hello@quicklykevin.com Twitter: @QuicklyKevin Facebook: Quickly Kevin And don't forget: instagram.com/quicklykevin AND LASTLY! Go on iTunes. Think of the most niche 90's footballer you can. Leave a review which mentions them. We'll read the best one (It doesn't have to be 5 stars but it helps!). Enjoy the show and we are back next week for episode eight. Chris, Josh and Michael

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