Ivo Graham on Steve Bruce's 'Striker': S01E09

This week comedian Ivo Graham joins us in the studio as we focus solely on one of British literature’s greatest authors; not “old Bill Shakespeare”, but former Manchester United captain Steve Bruce. If you wander into your local book shop and head straight for the classics, it’s almost certain you won’t be confronted with the sacred text ‘Striker’ by Steve Bruce. So unlikely a career choice was it for Steve Bruce to have turned to crime fiction, that for many years, people refused to believe Steve Bruce had written it. The book is not autobiographical. Instead, it focuses on a Newcastle born football manager called ‘Steve Barnes’ who recently turned to management after retiring at ‘Mulcaster United’. Obviously, a massive literary stretch for the real-life Steve Bruce. We also discuss Steve’s short-lived TV show ‘Captain’s Log’. You can find Part 1 of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQeKBf9P5Lw As always, we’ve had some great correspondence; including a couple of wonderful Warren Barton anecdotes and more information on Josh’s now notorious ‘draw a stadium’ competition victory.

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