Live! Reclaiming Our Youth

It's London Podcast Festival 2022! Earlier this year Spencer and Mufseen hosted a live panel discussion with writer Dean Atta and creator Darkwah on the topic of 'Reclaiming Our Youth'. Bookending our panel discussion are spoken word performances from Kylo and a special performance of 'Straight Jacket' by London-based rhyme writer Myndstate!


Dean Atta (He/Him) - Writer and Poet. Author of The Black Flamingo and Only on the Weekends

Darkwah (They/Them) - Multi-Disciplinary Artist & Creator

Kylo (He/They) - South-East London based Spoken Word Artist [00:29 and 47:41]

Myndstate (He/Him) - London-based Rhyme Writer [54:57]

Live Recording from 10 Sep 2022 as part of London Podcast Festival 2022 held at Kings Place

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