On a scale from 1-10, how racist is your AI? - Interview with Jeff Gallino and Conrad Liburd of CallMiner

Today’s interview is with Jeff Gallino, CTO & Founder, and Conrad Liburd, AI feature engineer, at CallMiner, a provider of speech analytics solutions for improving agent performance and customer intelligence. Jeff and Conrad join me today to talk about bias in data and algorithms, discriminatory and racist calls in contact centres, what most companies do about them, what they should be doing about them and what we should be doing to improve both customer and employee experience.

This interview follows on from my recent interview – The secrets behind tapping into your customer’s imagination – Interview with Chip Bell – and is number 369 in the series of interviews with authors and business leaders that are doing great things, providing valuable insights, helping businesses innovate and delivering great service and experience to both their customers and their employees.