Your values are designed to attract, but also to repel - Interview with Borzou Azabdaftari of The Falcon Lab

NOTE: This episode contains some profanity. Not too much but definitely some. You are warned!

Today’s interview is with Borzou Azabdaftari, Boss at The Falcon Lab, a full service marketing agency. Borzou joins me today to talk values, profanity, having profane values, it’s impact on clients and the changing nature of customer experience and what increasingly matters.

Big shout out to Stan Phelps and David Rendall for introducing me to Borzou.

This interview follows on from my recent interview – Are companies on the cusp of a customer relationship crisis? – Interview with David Campbell of SugarCRM — and is number 389 in the series of interviews with authors and business leaders that are doing great things, providing valuable insights, helping businesses innovate and delivering great service and experience to both their customers and their employees.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: A big thank you goes out to the folks at SugarCRM for sponsoring my podcast this month.

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